Best Home Security Gadgets for 2023

It might be a tough decision for you to select a security gadget for your new home when there are so many options available. After all, it is a matter of your family’s security and you will not leave any stone unturned, especially if you have so many options available online. 

You can select from different DIY solutions offered by different companies and spare yourself from getting confused between gadgets that offer affordability and the ones that offer more features. It is wise to select the home security gadget that fits your needs and budget. 

Keeping this in mind, have a look at the different available options on Amazon as well. This way, you might come across an affordable device that can keep your budget intact and secure your home. If you have just relocated, subscribe to Spectrum Bundles Play and save a good amount of money on your internet, cable TV, and home phone services. Click here to check out the pricing details and features of Spectrum Bundles. 

Spectrum Bundles provide secure and reliable internet at a reasonable price. You can subscribe to Spectrum internet and use the following security gadgets to secure your home in 2023.  

Ring Indoor Cam

This compact indoor camera lets you see and listen to people outside your home using your smartphone, tablet, and other devices. Also, the gadget lets users speak to people whenever they want to. You can watch over your home by connecting one or more indoor cams to your Ring devices in the Ring app. 

Apart from this, you can record videos, and review updates that you might have missed due to a busy schedule. You can also easily share videos and photos recorded by the camera and use the Live View feature to monitor your home using the Ring app. 

You can place the gadget on a flat surface or mount it to a wall using the gadget’s mounting bracket. You can pair the gadget with Alexa and maximize its capabilities and benefits. 

Amazon Rating: 4.7

Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ POE + AI IP Camera Pan Tilt Zoom (Optical 25x Motorized) Security Speed Dome

The gadget offers different AI-based features including Face Detection, Video Metadata reporting, Deep IVS, etc. All these features keep you aware of the people near your home, abandoned and missing objects and vehicles, etc. Apart from this, all these features are built-in and do not require any AI NVR to get things done.  

The gadget uses an intelligent notification system that sends notifications directly to your computer or smartphone using the Amcrest View app. A unique feature of this gadget is that you can use the 16x digital zoom and 25x optical motorized zoom for details. Also, you can pan the camera to 360° and tilt 90° to cover every angle of your home. 

The camera never lets you lose sight of your home and everything around it using an intuitive interface. This reliable, simple, and resilient gadget can withstand rain, sunshine, and other weather conditions. 

Amazon Rating: 4.1

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

This gadget provides an upgrade to your existing deadbolt and fits on the inside of your door. This makes your regular deadbolt smarter, more convenient, and more secure. Using this gadget, you can share access to your home with your friends, family, and other people you trust. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is easy to install and fits perfectly over many single-cylinder deadbolts. 

The gadget comes with the Auto-Unlock feature that enables you to unlock your door without using your keys or hands. Apart from that, you can use the DoorSense feature of the gadget that secures your home once you leave your home or at the time set by you. Besides this, the smart lock uses high-end features like Smart Keypad, Biometric Recognition, etc. 

Amazon Rating: 4.3

HXVIEW PTZ Security Camera Outdoor

This security gadget provides a 30x optical zoom and uses its autofocus lens to help you identify people and observe them. Also, you can keep an eye on license plates and packages outside your home using different components including IMX335 CMOS sensor, laser infrared light, etc.

The footage provided by the camera is very detailed. You can clearly figure out who is standing at your gate or passing by your home. You can pan the camera to around 355° and tilt 90° to cover blind spots that are often left unguarded. 

The gadget comes with professional humanoid and motion detection to prevent false alarms. You get real-time video or snapshot of the person you are supposed to track on your smartphone and scare off the intruder using a sound warning. The physical design of the camera is based on the IP66 waterproof technology that allows the camera to provide the best surveillance even in extreme weather conditions. 

Amazon Rating: 4.0


There are so many security devices and gadgets that can help you secure your home, family, pets, etc. Many of these devices send notifications and alerts in case an intruder or unauthorized individual tries to enter your premises. Overall, these gadgets can become the best and simple surveillance tools for your home in 2023. 

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