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10 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Wallpaper on Windows 11 {2022}

Wallpaper on Windows 11
Tired of your still desktop background? you’ll be able to arouse things up by setting a live wallpaper or animated desktop background. Unfortunately, there’s no native thanks to try this in Windows 11, however there’s a handy third-party app you can use.

Transfer spirited Wallpaper From the Microsoft Store

you’ll be able to set a live desktop background in Windows 11, but to try and do so, you’ll have to be compelled to use a third-party application.

Warning: There are several apps out there that claim to measure up to the task at hand, but watch out for downloading third-party apps unless you know and trust the developers. several of those apps could contain viruses that infect your computer.

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Our counseled app is spirited Wallpaper, a free and ASCII text file app. you’ll be able to transfer spirited Wallpaper from the Microsoft Store. to induce this app, click the Windows Search icon within the taskbar, sort “Microsoft Store” in the Search box, and so choose Microsoft Store from the search results.

In Microsoft Store, type “Lively Wallpaper” in the Search bar and then select the spirited Wallpaper app from the search results.Next, you’ll see some info regarding the application. Click “Get” to the correct of this info.
Once selected, spirited Wallpaper can begin downloading. when it’s installed, you’ll be able to explore for it victimization Windows Search.

choose a Live Wallpaper From spirited Wallpaper’s Library
spirited Wallpaper comes equipped with many live wallpapers for you to settle on from. To use one, merely open the app and so select the one you wish from the library. during this example, we’ll choose Parallax.js.

Set a Custom Video, YouTube Video, or GIF as a Wallpaper

If you don’t realize a wallpaper you prefer from spirited Wallpaper’s library, you’ll be able to set your own employing a video or GIF on your PC, or perhaps using a YouTube video.

to induce started, open the app and so click the and (+) icon within the left-hand pane.
On ensuing screen, if you wish to settle on a video or GIF from your PC, click “Browse” beneath choose File.
File mortal can open. find the video or GIF you want to use, select it, and then click “Open.”
Or, if you want to use a YouTube video, enter the uniform resource locator of the YouTube video within the “Enter URL” text box and so click the correct arrow button.

whether or not you selected an area video or GIF, or a YouTube video, it’ll seem in the app’s library. Click the Library button (three books) in the left-hand pane, and then select the freshly uploaded video or GIF.
Set a Live Wallpaper on Multiple Monitors

If you’re victimization multiple monitors, you will notice that the wallpaper you chose is merely applied to 1 screen. to line the live wallpaper on alternative monitors, open the app and click on the control board (monitor) icon within the top-right corner of the window.

The app’s control board can appear. The default placement technique is “Selected Screen Only,” which suggests that the wallpaper you decide on will solely be displayed on the chosen screen. to line a wallpaper on the opposite screen, select it in the select show group.
Once selected, return to the app’s library and choose the wallpaper you wish to put on the other screen.Close spirited Wallpaper
If you opt you want to prevent victimization the live wallpaper you set using Lively Wallpaper, open the app and so click the control board (monitor) icon within the top-right corner of the window.

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you’ll be able to conjointly amendment the position technique of the chosen wallpaper. That is, you can favor to create the selected wallpaper stretch across all screens or duplicate a similar wallpaper on every screen. simply click the bubble next to the choice you wish to use.In the app’s management Panel, click “Close Wallpapers” in the bottom-right corner of the window.
The wallpaper are going to be removed.

Not curious about employing a third-party app? whereas there’s no native thanks to use live wallpapers with Windows eleven, Microsoft did a good job providing a large amount of lovely wallpapers for its OS—and ever-changing the desktop background is easy.


DesktopHut may be a free app that allows you to use a video file as a desktop background in Windows 11 “live”. It supports every type of high-definition or full-HD video files, twin monitors, still as sound and video playback once turned on.

The app includes a large vary of live backgrounds and AMOLED live wallpapers, organized into completely different categories. The app also has static 4K still as full HD backgrounds which will be used within the motorcar wallpaper changer.

transfer its launcher library for wallpapers with animations and special effects. you’ll be able to also use its Blur Image feature in Static Wallpaper Changer. The installation is additionally terribly simple, simply download and install the tool, decide any wallpaper from the gallery and click on play.

Chameleon is an app that replaces your background image with a recent image each day. because the name implies, the colour of the live wallpaper changes with the background color as you progress your mouse around.

a number of its coolest options include: shift lock CRT screen automatically, ever-changing desktop wallpaper, image share, Flickr image search, and more.

you’ll be able to select that wallpapers to alter and show date and time, battery percentage, temperature, Wikipedia picture of the day, InterfaceLIFT HD Wallpaper, and even weather outlook on your wallpaper screen.

Furthermore, Chameleon is extremely optimized, thus it won’t use abundant processor or RAM. You may also originated your own on-line image channel by choosing your favorite keywords. The tool can seek for those terms on the web and build a fascinating image gallery for you.

Push Wallpaper

PUSH Video Wallpaper may be a dynamic wallpaper that permits you to play offline videos, YouTube videos (by copy and pasting the URL), and animated GIFs as your desktop background. you’ll be able to also stop, pause, reverse, or rewind the video wallpapers. There are sound controls for muting the video if desired.

one in every of the simplest options of the tool is that the massive assortment of wallpapers and you’ll be able to integrate them into your current dynamic wallpaper library. you will conjointly utilize your own pictures to form slideshows. It’s fully unengaged to transfer and use, with no advertisements or in-app purchases.

All current versions of Windows, admire Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and eleven support Push Wallpaper. The tool also is a video screensaver once your computer is idle.

The way to Set Live Wallpapers in Windows 11

read live wallpapers
Open the Windows 11 Microsoft store and download the Desktop Live Wallpapers app.
Launch the app and therefore the interface can seem like the image below. Click on the Browse folder button and supply a path of the folder that contains the required video.
currently the actual fact is that Desktop Live wallpaper solely supports .wmv video format in free version. to try and do this, convert your video file format to .wmv. during this tutorial I used Xillisoft Video device for Video Conversion.

cf. however to Backup iPhone Photos to Google Photos

ensure you decide on the best attainable conversion settings, otherwise the output video are going to be low resolution and will not look sensible as a wallpaper.
Check the output video file format. It should be a WMV (.wmv) file.
choose the video file you wish to stay as wallpaper in Desktop Live Wallpaper app. If you prefer the ASUS ROG wallpaper shown below, I actually have provided a transfer link for it.

Animated wallpaper
Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows eleven computer and download spirited Wallpaper. Launch the app and click on on any wallpaper you’d wish to set as your live wallpaper.
If you want to set your own video as your video wallpaper, this may be done by clicking on the additional icon settled within the left menu. choose browse and easily select the required video file. not like Desktop Live Wallpapers app, there’s no file format restriction.

Final note
I hope you prefer the guide the way to Set Live Wallpapers on Windows 11. just in case if you have got any question regards this text you will raise us. Also, please share your love by sharing this article together with your friends.

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