What Are Some Common Truck Driver Distractions?

Distracted driving is a major problem among drivers in the United States. This phenomenon takes thousands of lives in the USA every year and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of injuries and visits to the emergency room. Even a few seconds of distraction can end your and other people’s lives, so it is never a good or safe idea to turn your eyes or attention away from the road. 

Perhaps a distracted driving accident is more impactful when the wreck involves a truck. Since trucks are much heavier and larger than passenger car vehicles, the force of the collision is more. Thus, the injuries are more severe. If you have been injured in a distracted driving case, speak to an attorney specializing in truck accidents

Common truck driver distractions 

  1. Lost in thought. 

Losing themselves in thought is something that most truck drivers are guilty of. Whether it be problems at home, fatigue, sleepiness, etc., “lost in thought” is one of the most common causes of distracted driving among truck drivers. Apart from their personal problems and lifestyle habits, the job of a truck driver alone can be stressful at times and make one rethink their career decisions. When you become lost in thought, you lose focus on the road. 

  1. Smartphone use. 

Not only truck drivers but almost every driver in the world is guilty of using their smartphone or other smart digital devices at least once while driving. The disappointing fact about it is that most people who use their phones while driving fully realize how dangerous it can be but still continue to do so. Even hands-free devices are not safe because, even though your hands will be on the wheel, your mind will be somewhere else. 

  1. Outside person, event, and object. 

Truck drivers drive for long distances and are bound to come across a number of different things, events, and people. Some of these may catch their eye, and the driver may look at the object or person longer than they should. This usually happens while passing a foreign object or an accident scene. Before they know it, they may have become a part of an accident themselves. 

  1. Loose items inside the truck. 

Truck drivers often move their hands from the wheel and eyes off the road to reach out for loose items in the vehicle. This might be a smartphone, a charger cord, or chewing gum. If a cup accidentally falls to the ground, the driver might reach out to pick it up. These things may sound simple, but they cause catastrophic accidents. 

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