How Much Average Settlement Can You Expect from a Motorcycle Accident?

When it comes to motorcycle accident cases, there’s no average settlement number. Every victim has unique financial expenses and losses, so their settlement value may vary from other victims. But a motorcycle accident lawyer can discuss the worth of specific damages and the type of timeframe that can be expected for a motorcycle accident case. 

Factors that Impact a Settlement

Each motorcycle crash is different, so compensation tends to vary by case. The factors that create recoverable damages rely on medical costs, income losses, motorcycle repair or replacement, pain and suffering value, and any physical impairment. 

Economic and Non-Economic Damages

A motorcycle accident claim settlement may include economic and non-economic recovery. Economic damages have specific dollar value because they have a fixed price. They include medical care costs, lost wages, lost or reduced earning capacity, property damage, long-term care expenses, personal care assistance, assistive devices, rehab care, and home services. 

The financial losses you sustain have a direct effect on your settlement amount. Recovery expenses because of the accident are important to restoring your life before the accident. Your attorney will thoroughly investigate your case and compile evidence to prove your financial damages. They will collect and request related documentation that shows your expenses as a result of the accident. This documentation includes medical records, documentation of work you missed from your employer, income statements, healthcare provider bills, repair or replacement estimates, and motorcycle valuation documents. 

Moreover, your settlement can increase if you can recover non-economic damages, which are calculated based on your non-monetary losses and injuries. A motorcycle accident can leave you suffering from mental, physical, and emotional anguish. To assign a value on these damages, your attorney may depend on your medical records, future prognosis, pain evaluation, and mental health counseling costs. These damages are calculated according to the degree to which the injuries you sustain prevent you from engaging in social, professional, and personal activities you used to enjoy before the crash. The best motorcycle accident attorney has the resource and knowledge to determine the worth of your non-economic damages.

Factors that Determine the Timeline of Your Settlement

In Orange County, you have two years from the date of the motorcycle crash to file a lawsuit. Not meeting this deadline can prevent you from pursuing compensation for your injuries and damages. Your attorney can keep track of the deadline, ensuring your case gets filed on time. 

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