Wrongful Dismissal from a Medical Residency Program: What a Resident Should Do

To become a doctor, a medical resident must have the skill and decision as well as can work under tough conditions. Getting into med school is also difficult. Those who get into residency programs can work towards their goals. In some instances, medical residents can be terminated wrongfully from their programs due to unsatisfactory work, failure to meet residency requirements, and unfavorable evaluations from their supervisors. The accusations can be unfair. Also, the disciplinary committee or panel probably failed to follow the proper procedures as they made the decision. These are just some of the common medical residency issues that an experienced resident attorney can help with. 

Medical residents are evaluated according to their performance in the core competencies such as practice-based learning, systems-based practice, patient care skills, professionalism, and others. Most disciplinary actions are decided based on the actual or perceived shortcomings of a resident in one of these competencies. Disciplinary actions can include a reprimand, probation, suspension, or termination from the program. Medical residents who think their termination was wrongful must consult an attorney about their legal options. 

What to Do After Getting a Disciplinary Notice

If you are at risk of disciplinary action, you must build your case right away by understanding the way the internal program of your residency works. The decisions can be made by a panel of individuals and a neutral intermediary may not be allowed to intervene. You must not sign any document until you consult a lawyer. 

The manual of your program should explain what methods the disciplinary process will use. And if this method isn’t followed correctly, you may be able to use this when you build your case. You should be able to know the procedures to be used by the panel when making a determination and a decision as well as how you can appeal the decision. 

Appealing a Dismissal Decision

As a medical resident, you should be allowed to find reviews of disciplinary decisions, which apply to your case. Keep in mind that there may be a deadline when filing an appeal and you must do so before this. Otherwise, the disciplinary board will assume you concede t the panel’s disciplinary actions. Also, you must take your time reading the documents prepared by the panel. This document must offer you the reasons and supporting details they used for making a decision. You may be able to find evidence elsewhere that opposes the findings of the panel. 

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